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A trusted lender staying true to our core values throughout our 20 years of business. We’ll continue to hold our relationships, culture, commitment to the community, and credibility as our highest mission.

Relationships with our clients are key to our success. It’s never just about business. It’s caring about the families we serve.

When you choose Atlantic Bay you are choosing to work with a local mortgage banker backed by a company with a national reputation.

Robby head shot
Robby Dobrinsky
Sr. Mortagage Banker
(757) 535-2170
NMLS #211245

Robby Dobrinsky specializes in helping first time home buyers. With 17 years in the mortgage/real estate industry, he is very skillful at navigating behind the scenes to make the process easier for his clients and to ensure their loan closes on time.

Robby Dobrinsky left the insurance industry in 1998 and joined Atlantic Bay. He says, “It’s important to build relationships with our key market, realtors, financial planners, CPAs and builders. I tell things straight up. My clients and industry professionals can call me anytime. Hopefully when my clients leave my office, they have a full understanding of how the process is going to work. They trust me and they know they are in good hands.”

Robby says, “At Atlantic Bay, we do what we say and say what we do. Our process is the reverse of everyone else. In our process, the files go to the underwriter first. Our underwriters underwrite the files and give you a decision right then and there. I have an advantage by having ops right across the parking lot. I can walk over there and get the answers I need face-to-face. It’s huge.”

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